David Oyelowo Heading into “Good Morning America” is Better Than a Cup of Coffee

Posted on February 07, 2017

And if you know anything at all about us, you know what a huge compliment that is.

Darlings, is there any better way to start off your day than by looking at a beautiful man in beautiful clothing, confidently making his way through the world?


The answer is “no,” of course. Especially if that man is serving up primo coat porn avec gorgeous lining.

And now that we’ve had a couple sips and we’re becoming increasingly bright-eyed, the quibbles are forming.

We’ve never been huge fans of turtlenecks (to the consternation of many a turtleneck fan over the years) and if you held a (hot glue) gun to our heads we’d be forced to admit that we don’t love it here either. We’re also not particularly enamored of his super-coordinated looks. The suit, shirt and shoes are all roughly the same color and that’s not gonna do for T Lo at all. It’s kind of his thing to go super-matchy like this, but he has yet to convince us on it.

Even so, we have to give it to him for working a very consistent look and making high-fashion choices. A lot of the above paragraph comes down to “That’s not how T Lo would do it” but that doesn’t mean it’s not working for him. It’s a head-turner of a look, partially for being fairly impeccable (a bit wrinkled and tight, but not too much), boldly colored, and slightly off the beaten style path. He looks great.



Style Credits:
Strong Suit Navy Two-Piece Suit
Montblanc Watch

[Photo Credit: ROGER WONG/INSTARimages.com]

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