Beyoncé Descends Upon the Grammy Awards, Bestows Her Blessings, Ascends Again

Posted on February 13, 2017

No matter what else may be said about Bey …



… That lady sure as hell knows how to craft a moment.

They’ll be talking about her empowering, dazzling, beautifying, defiantly fecund performance for years – and rightly so. Less about performing a song than creating powerful visuals and messages, it was a hypnotically beautiful interlude in an otherwise dull-as-dishwater awards show.



This is not the kind of sentiment that tends to win over many Bey fans, but we’re never not going to roll our eyes a little at any pop star or celebrity who elevates herself to godhood. We’ll credit her for having true artistic and cultural reasons for doing this, though. It’s not solely about her ego or just a case of … we don’t know… Madonna slapping on a rosary or making other sorts of semi-ironic references to Catholic iconography. This costume is stunning precisely because it directly references goddess figures and mythical tropes about them. It’s not about Beyonce commenting on the iconography; it’s about her becoming the iconography. And while we maintain at least a little bit of a right to roll our eyes at the indulgence, it is nonetheless a very powerful image when paired with sentiments about race, motherhood and beauty.

And simply on a technical level, it’s a stunning piece of work.


Style Credits:
Custom Peter Dundas Gold Metallic Embroidered Gown

[Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Frederick M. Brown/Getty Image, Courtesy of Peter Dundas]

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