2017 BAFTA Awards Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on February 16, 2017

Kittens, the entire WORLD has been waiting breathlessly for our opinions on the BAFTAs for days now. Can the entire WORLD ever forgive us for being so tardy to the party? Please allow us to make it up to the WORLD by being extra-judgmental, if not occasionally extra-bitchy in our opinion-spewing.

Shall we begin, WORLD?



Aaron Taylor-Johnson (with Sam Taylor-Johnson) in Tom Ford

Knowing what we know about what’s underneath that tux, we can’t help thinking the cut’s doing him no favors. She’s alright. The gown could’ve used some color and the hair looks a bit DIY.



Andrew Garfield in Burberry

We just deleted a very angry, very bitchy comment here, but it’s too early in the day for diatribes. Suffice it to say, the fit on that thing is horrible (WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE FAMED BRITISH TAILORING? HELLO?) and the shoelace is rage-inducing. A tux or dinner jacket is so fricking easy to get perfect that there’s absolutely no excuse for flubs.



Bryce Dallas Howard in Solace London

Not bad. She needed a big, honkin’, ’70s-style pendant to finish it off.



Casey Affleck in Louis Vuitton




Daisy Ridley in Roland Mouret

We’d like it a lot better without the dishtowels.

Is it us or has her makeup rendered her almost unrecognizable?


Dev Patel in Burberry

That’ll do.



Eddie Redmayne (with Hannah Bagshawe) in Dior Homme

Trust Eddie to get the tailoring (mostly) right – although it’s pretty clear he’s sucking it in because that jacket’s too tight. Her dress is gorgeous.



Felicity Jones in Christian Dior

We wanted to slam her for picking the most boring Dior you could imagine, but as of late, the line hasn’t been particularly … red carpet-friendly, shall we say. This is kind of awful in its dullness, but we suppose it could’ve been worse.



Isabelle Huppert in Chloé

The first thing we’ve seen her wear that we truly loved for her. The style is perfect, but she has GOT to get over her tendency to wear oversized clothing. The fit isn’t too bad, but the skirt and the sleeves should’ve been hemmed to fit her.



Luke Evans




Meryl Streep in Givenchy

We’re not really feeling the fringed scarf or the shoes, but otherwise, this is a great look for her.



Naomie Harris in Gucci

The skirt is lovely, but the proportions on the top aren’t so hot. And the flower’s kind of ugly. She got a little Gucci’d here.



Nicole Kidman in Armani Privé


Nic, stick to black. We never, ever say that, but you really do come alive when you go dark.



Penelope Cruz in Atelier Versace

That’s the most elegant Versace we’ve seen in ages. She looks gorgeous.



Riz Ahmed

Hey, boo.



Sophie Turner in Louis Vuitton

Kudos to her for snagging a non-cray LV, but at the risk of sounding old-fashioned, we’re gonna stick to citing the “legs OR boobs, dear; never both” dictum.


Viggo Mortensen

For such a fine-looking man, he’s disarmingly timid on the red carpet. Looks great, though.



Viola Davis in Jenny Packham

LOVE all the bright color – and the fit is excellent – but we think we’d like it better without the horizontal bands at the waist.



[Photo Credit: PA Images/INSTARimages.com, Getty Images]

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