Zayn Malik Heads to the Set of “Ocean’s Eight”

Posted on January 18, 2017

Zayn Malik is seen leaving Gigi Hadid’s apartment and heading to the set of “Ocean’s Eight” in New York City.


Presumably, he’s not heading to the set of Ocean’s 8 to help with the Craft Services table, so we deduce that he is going to provide assistance to Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner in the goal of making us want to see this film less and less.


Ooooh, the fangurls are gonna have our heads for that one.


Enh. We’re teasing you, fangurls. Since there’s apparently a Met Gala scene, the participation of the aforementioned social media stars makes perfect sense. It’s notable that these scenes are apparently being shot without the leads of the film, who have reportedly all wrapped their portions.


And we have to begrudgingly admit that the PR boost of having even the cameos in your film get major paparazzi treatment on the way to the set is its own argument for their inclusion. If the film does well, expect more of this kind of thing.


Anyway, nice product placement, Zayn. The hoodie’s not really to our tastes, but we’re not really the demo for it, so it’s all good.




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