Winona Ryder, Forever Lydia Deetz, in Viktor & Rolf at the Golden Globe Awards

Posted on January 10, 2017


This made us smile. Which is ironic, because neither her facial expression nor her dress are suggesting light, happy emotions.

Then again, that’s kind of why it made us smile.



We suspect that she didn’t actually pick a goth ’80s prom dress on purpose in order to remind us of what is probably her most iconic role. And we don’t think she’s actually trying to mimic Lydia Deetz’s standard pained, scared-bird affect when she poses for pictures.

But again, that’s the point.



Lydia Deetz is iconic partially because Winona Ryder did such an amazing job of embodying her. And she did such an amazing job of embodying her because, let’s face it, a big portion of the character IS Winona. After all these years, her favorite color to wear is still black. And even on a night when she was pretty thrilled to be there (as per her Giuliana interview) she still can’t pose for a picture without looking like Michael Keaton is trying to force her into marriage. It’s actually kind of charming. Some things never change.

Not quite as charming is this choice of dress, though. It may have ticked off her boxes, so to speak, but it’s not a particularly well-rendered version of this style. It’s puckery and heavy-looking. And to be honest, we were shocked to find out who designed it. If you’re going to pick a Viktor & Rolf for the red carpet – and kudos to you if you are  – then why would you choose something so standard? At the very least, put on a black wedding veil. Social media would’ve exploded.


Style Credits:
Viktor & Rolf Black Strapless Dress
Fred Leighton Jewelry

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