Celebrity Men Hit the Red Carpet on Golden Globes Weekend

Posted on January 08, 2017


Let’s judge them all, yes?

There are an array of red carpet events over the last 48 or so hours (hence all our weekend postings) as Hollywood sheds the last of its holiday carbs and gets itself limbered up for awards season. Since the ladies have so much more at stake when their feet hit a red carpet, the men tend to get short shrift in their coverage. But because we’re all about equal opportunity judgment, we’re going to give some of them the loving benefit of our opinions.

Join us, won’t you?


Dev Patel

Pretty good. He’s made some questionable suit choices in the past, but this is all aces. No complaints, even if it’s not exactly edgy.



Diego Luna


Someone needs to help this poor guy out, STAT. The suit’s a big nothing and the posing is cringe-inducing.



Joel Edgerton

A little underdressed, Joel. Generally, we like your casual style, but we’d have liked just a skosh more effort for this one.



Justin Timberlake

We swear he’s been wearing the same outfit for the last 6 months.



Mahershala Ali

It’s official: He wears his suits too tight to button them. We’re not going to get a lot of agreement on this one, because he’s hot and he’s got a great body, but he needs to loosen up his suiting just a bit.

Also, those are the wrong shoes for a suit.



Matt Bomer in Ermenegildo Zegna

Seventies Game Show Host.



Riz Ahmed

Hey, boo.

You’re boring.



Tom Hiddleston in Gucci

We’re not sure if we like any of this, to be honest, but it’s refreshing to see a red double-breasted suit when so many other celeb guys dress like Secret Service agents.




[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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