Sophie Turner Cool-Girls it at LAX

Posted on January 05, 2017

We’re drowning in awards season dresses for most of the rest of today, kittens, so let’s check in on a rising girlstar taking a page from the K Stew street style playbook:



We admit, we were initially blinded by the shades, jacket, kicks and overall get-out-of-my-way disdain. We just go limp over a Cool Girl who has no time for us, darlings. It’s our kryptonite.



So at first glance, we thought she was nailing this look pretty hard.

But oh, girl. It appears you’ve got some learning to do:




Because taking a clutch to the airport is hilariously wrong enough, but then you had to go and start waving it around in front of cameras like a QVC model. You need to work on your sidewalk game. K Stew would never make a mistake like this.

We’re teasing. She does look cute, but the clutch thing is too hilarious to let pass without comment. What is the point to a clutch on an airplane, first class seat or not?


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