Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone Dress Like Winners at the “La La Land” Paris Premiere

Posted on January 11, 2017


We still have plenty of Golden Globes coverage to get to, but the poledancing game goes ever on, and these two are on a roll right now.



Dressing like winners.

Of course they had no guarantees that their little song-and-dance flick would literally break records at the Golden Globes or even that they would each walk home with one. But we figure these outfits were chosen ahead of time on the assumption that they’d come out of that night with the wind at their backs, so to speak. This is some seriously declarative, seriously awards-seeking “serious actor” drag.




His suiting has been hit or miss in the fit department lately. This, however, is beautifully fitted to him. He has a knack for wearing unusually colored suits, but the soberness and highly traditional cut look really fabulous on him. We’d usually ask for more color somewhere, but this has such an old-timey feel to it that it avoids comparisons to accountants or secret service agents.





In all honesty, taken on its own, we’d call this “a bit much.” But in context, as a Golden Globes winner who’s almost certainly about to become an Academy Award nominee soon, as a movie star with the most critically acclaimed film of her career opening in Paris, showing up in a bit too much Chanel is just good damn sense.

Which isn’t to say we don’t like this. On the contrary, we think it’s fabulous af. And we’re impressed she’s working it so well. Her couture-wearing chops have seriously advanced during this poledance. The shoes are a letdown, but we can’t fault her for the rest of the look. Dramatic makeup and eye-popping Chanel is exactly what she’s supposed to be doing right now.



We’d go so far as to say they’re reaching new heights of polish and sophistication in their red carpetry.

Dressing like winners.



Style Credits:

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[Photo Credit: Wyters Alban/ABACA/INSTARimages.com, vogue.com]

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