Ruth Negga Shatters Our Expectations in Louis Vuitton at the Golden Globe Awards

Posted on January 09, 2017



Trust Miss Ruth to get it right.



We admit, this dress was a bit of a surprise for us and it required a bit of recalibrating on our parts.



We’re not entirely sure what we were expecting from her, but it definitely wasn’t this. We suppose we were thinking along the lines of the retro-romantic looks she’s been working a lot throughout this poledance.



It never occurred to us that she might show up in the ultimate Robot Girl look. We’re almost sorry Felicity Jones didn’t get to this for her Rogue One poledance last month.



But it’s to her credit that we had such strong expectations at all. She’s been so declarative in her style for the past year; made such an impact on the red carpet, that let’s face it, we can’t WAIT to see her at the Oscars. So yeah, expectations were high.


And while she didn’t give us what we expected, she still killed it on the RC. She looked amazing.



And we think one of the most impressive parts is that she picked a typically overworked and tricky LV, but managed to find the one that she could work to the hilt. It suits her – and it blows practically every other LV red carpet look of the past six months out of the water.



Which is why it was a mistake for us to have expectations of her at all. The only thing we should expect from a Miss Ruth look is to lean forward the first time we see it and say in wonder “What is that?



Style Credits:
Louis Vuitton Sequin Dress with Zipper Front
Fred Leighton 25.51ct Oval Gemfields Ruby and Diamond Cuff Bracelet in 18K Yellow Gold

[Photo Credit: Getty Images, Vince Flores/, Lionel Hahn/Abacausa/, Courtesy of Fred Leighton]

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