Retail Therapy: Lorenzo’s Picks for … ASS-KICKING BOOTS!

Posted on January 20, 2017


Darlings, perhaps, for reasons happening out in the world that we couldn’t possibly guess, you are feeling the need for a little distraction today. Perhaps that distraction may be found in the Me-Me-Me, Self-Care, fuck-all-y’all-I-got-mine form of therapy known as retail therapy. And perhaps – again, for reasons happening out in the world today – you might suddenly feel the need to pull on a pair of shit-kickers and stand tall.

Lorenzo is here for you, dolls. If there’s shopping to be done, Lorenzo will always be here for you. And if there’s shit to be kicked, T Lo will gladly kick it with you.

Now let’s go shopping for your superhero footwear, kittens.


The CLASSIC Tall Boot

Is it possible to get this one wrong, darlings? The answer is no. From riding pants to jeans to wrap skirts and even minis, the classic knee-high boot is a wardrobe no-brainer because it will inevitably go with a good portion of your wardrobe already.  Lo’s faves? Well, you can’t go wrong with a classic boot from Coach. The slouchy suedes from ASOS are cute, as are the Yoki International ones from ModCloth. And of course, the Ferragamos are TO DIE.

If you’re feeling less like a classic gal right now and more like someone who’d rather have some damn fun and get some damn attention for herself, have we got the boots for you. Next up:


The FUN & SEXY Tall Boot

Because why wouldn’t you want a Wonder Woman boot? We’re jealous! Also, a floral cowgirl boot from Stetson is ridiculously cute and eminently style-able. Lo is also loving all the floral rain boots from Coach. And who doesn’t want to strap on their glitter boots and clear the dance floor every once in a while? It’s not only your right, darling. It’s your destiny. Let RuPaul be your spirit guide in these matters. Oh, and those silver metallic star boots from ASOS are adorable.

But if you’re not feeling the cosplay or the dancefloor, and if you’re DEFINITELY not feeling like any florals right now, suit up soldier, we’re about to hit the section with:





Because some gals need a combat boot, some gals need a cowboy boot, or some gals just have a goddamn attitude problem and the rest of the world is going to have to get the hell over it.  Lo’s faves: that Coach Moto boot is gorgeous. Also loving the quilted Michael Kors, the pink Doc Martens, and the lace-up Phillip Lims.

Now, get out there and kick some ass if you feel like it, ladies. We got your backs. And also some fabulous boots for ourselves.






Standard disclaimer: All of the above are clickable links that will take you to online retailers who give us a commission based on any sales we send their way, because we find money to be somewhat useful in our day-to-day lives. Please note that the sale runs for these items can be brief and some of the links may either take you to an item that’s no longer available or no longer available at the sales price. You gotta be quick, kittens!

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