Pop Style Opinionfest: Oscar Nomination Opinion-Spew!

Posted on January 27, 2017

Oooooh, girl! We had things to get off our chests this week. Things like, “Manchester by the Sea! Get a load of that crap!” and “The Oscar nominations! Let’s poop all over them!” Also, “Why is everything so wrong in haute couture?”

Actually, only one of those quotes is slightly accurate. We’re just attention whores, is all.

Before we got to the bitching, Lorenzo gushed about his latest obsession, the costumes of which we featured earlier this week: Secrets of the Six Wives on PBS:




He’s a little smitten.






Yeah. We hated it. And we are more than aware that puts us in a very, very tiny minority. But without giving away any spoilers, we exhaustively ran down pretty much every aspect of the film we could think of – acting, directing, writing, score, cinematography, art direction and costume design – and explained which ones worked for us (only a handful) and which ones struck us as precious or cliched (the vast majority). In short, we don’t really get the love for this one. La La Land, we get. It’s charming and everyone’s likable and working so hard to entertain us. We think it’s overpraised, but still a good film. Manchester by the Sea? Can’t really say the same.

Then it’s a quick hop over to check in on the Haute Couture collections before running down the major-category Oscar noms and giving our thoughts on that age-old topic, who will win vs. who should win.




So, kittens? Thank you once again and forevermore for listening to our little Kaffeeklatsch of pop culture and style. Luvyameanit!


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[Photo Credit: Claire Folger/Amazon Studios/Roadside Attraction – Video Credit: CBS Radio/Play it, PBS via YouTube.com, Amazon Studios via YouTube.com]

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