Pop Style Opinionfest: The Awesome Legacies of George Michael, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

Posted on January 06, 2017

Well. We figure this one doesn’t need an introduction. We don’t know if we can truly add anything to the mountains of commentary over the tragic deaths of George Michael, Carrie Fisher, and Debbie Reynolds, but we tried to stick to the parts of their lives and legacies that meant the most to us, from George’s flamboyantly aggressive sexuality and how it impacted us as young gay men, to Debbie’s astonishing career and struggle to preserve Hollywood history, and finally to Carrie’s iconic work as Princess Leia and her amazing struggle to carve out something specifically for herself in the industry. It just didn’t seem right to leave our thoughts on these things unexpressed, as if these deaths didn’t affect us, in some ways more profoundly than we could have imagined.

After we move on from that – and we promise, it’s not depressing at all – we give our capsule reviews of two flicks with varying levels of awards season buzz, La La Land and 20th Century Women.


The former is the more popular among the critical set, but we think the latter is a better film overall.




Anyway, that’s us, running our mouths off once again. Thank you for taking the time to listen to our ramblings, kittens.



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