Niecy Nash and the Dangers of Taking a Theme too Far

Posted on January 26, 2017

Niecy Nash attends the “Love by the 10th Date” Screening & Panel Event held at The London West Hollywood in West Hollywood, California.



There is a point at which the use of animal print tips over from being chic to tacky when a certain line is crossed. But there is another, less common effect when one overuses animal print. One goes from chic …


… to super-villainess. Might as well put a tail and ears on it at this point.

We don’t know if it’s worse or better that the two prints don’t quite match.


But once again, we have to give her enormous credit for showcasing the goods in an astonishingly well-fitted manner. Someone hooked her up with a really good bra, it would seem. She should wrangle an endorsement deal out of it.

We will not, however be handing out credit for the makeup, which looks a tiny bit scary.


Style Credits:
La Petite Robe by Chiara Boni Leopard Print Dress

[Photo Credit: Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images]

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