Nicole Kidman Launches Her Drag Career at the Golden Globe Awards

Posted on January 09, 2017



Fair warning: We had what can only be classified as an extremely negative reaction to this look. Because we’ve been in this blogging came long enough to know that the things you blurt out on your couch in the heat of the moment (said moment being a red carpet, which to be fair, isn’t much of a heat-generating situation, but go with us on this) don’t always make the best blog post copy, we will attempt to temper our thoughts and words.





Oh, sorry. Guess we’re not so good on that whole “temper your words and thoughts” thing. But look:



We’re all for whimsy and over-the-top glam. We’re all for ladystars who want to look a little drag queenish on a big night. But this is simply a very, very silly look. We could sit here and recommend edits to make it a bit more elegant or chic, but in the end, you’d need so many you’d wind up with an entirely different dress.



Suffice it to say almost none of the design elements here please us, but they’re all exponentially worse when they’re piled up in the same garment. Usually, when we say a ladystar looks like a drag queen, it’s half meant as a compliment, in the sense that she’s going over the top in a fun or super-glam way. This is just plain over the top.



This is a look that the judging panel on RuPaul’s Drag Race would rip to shreds, causing the queen wearing it to have an epic meltdown backstage.



In other words, this isn’t the good kind of drag, Nicole. This is tragic drag.




Style Credits:
Alexander McQueen Sequin-Embroidered Gown from the Spring 2017 Collection
Fred Leighton 19th Century Double Strand Diamond Rivière
Fred Leighton 9.0ct Antique Rose Cut Diamond Button Cluster Ring, circa 1760s
Fred Leighton Art Deco Diamond and Onyx Ring

[Photo Credit: Getty Images, Paul Drinkwater/NBC]

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