Michelle Williams and The Secret of the Mysterious Golden Globes Gown

Posted on January 09, 2017



Okay, the dress is ugly but we have other things to say; things that will almost certainly get us in trouble. Here we go, darlings; seeking controversy.



Ryan Seacrest, who it must be said, is better than literally ANYONE ELSE in the red carpet interviewing set, makes a big deal out of “I’m not going to ask ‘Who are you wearing?‘ anymore.” Which is fine. That moment has passed and really, no one could make that question sing like the person who first coined it, Joan Rivers.



Instead, he has opted for the exact same question phrased more … we don’t know… eloquently or something? “Tell me about what you’re wearing.”



To be fair, he tends to make it the last question after several about the interviewee’s projects or lives, and sometimes he forgets to ask it at all. But he’s still asking on the regular, because he knows just as well as anyone else in that arena that the fashion is a huge part of why anyone’s paying attention to the red carpet at all. If people didn’t care, they’d be devouring shots of Michelle Williams walking down a Brooklyn street over any of the above, but we all know that’s not true.



Anyway, Michelle and her eternal bestie Busy Phillips approached Seacrest at the interviewing stand and he clearly had a nanosecond-long mental stumble because the first thing he blurted out was something about what she was wearing. Michelle, who, in all fairness, could’ve been having her own mental stumble at the moment, acted put out by the question and asked mildly indignantly, “Are you asking me who I’m wearing?”



Look, maybe it was her attempt at a joke or like we said, maybe she had a brainfart, but considering she has a contract with Louis Vuitton and is, in all likelihood, making MAJOR bank wearing their stuff constantly, it was a bit off-putting. Seacrest has been doing this a long time and he’s actually quite good at making celebrities comfortable and giving them a chance to talk about their work, which he immediately did with Michelle.

People sometimes think we’re overcome with rage when we’re just two queens who like a strongly worded sentence, so let us make clear: we’re not furious with her or even mad at her. It was just a little … off-putting. Pretty sure you can buy a half-dozen houses with what they’re paying you to wear their wares, Miss Thing. Just mention the designer and move on to talking about your movie.



Anyway, like we said: ugly. That is the saddest white lace ever and those sleeves immediately evoke the image of Heidi Klum standing in front of some weeping, sleep-deprived recent design school graduate and bidding them Auf Wiedersehen.

Which maybe explains why she didn’t want to talk about it, now that we think of it.


Style Credits:
Louis Vuitton White Lace Dress from the Spring 2017 Collection
Louis Vuitton Clutch

[Photo Credit: Getty Images, Paul Drinkwater/NBC]

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