Winter Chic Ruled at the “Live By Night” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on January 11, 2017


Let’s take another break from celebrity back-patting (i.e., Golden Globes coverage) and watch that other grand tradition, celebrity product hawking. It’s a busy time for Hollywood, what with all the prestige products dropping and the heavy schedule of back-patting known as awards season.

God, we love it. Let’s judge.


Zoe Saldana in J. Mendel Couture


SPECTACULAR. We’d quibble about whether the skirt and top marry as well as they should , but this is winter-chic, dramatic, and just a little bit different. We had extended discussion about whether the pumps were right and concluded that any other color than white and any other shape but that one would not have worked nearly as well.

We still don’t like that length, but we’re such a broken record on that one. We suppose we should just ride it out and shut up about it.



Elle Fanning in Oscar de la Renta


This, on the other hand…

Sure, we get it. It’s sophisticated and minimalist. But those are two qualities we wouldn’t think rate that high when picking an Elle Fanning dress. We’re not saying she has to continue the Disney Princess drag, but these seems a bit staid and mature for her. Plus the off-white doesn’t work well for her.



Ben Affleck


That’s the most animated we’ve seen him look in like a decade. Dude’s trying, we suppose. He’s dressed like he’s going to a wedding and we figure that’s about the best we can expect from him.



Sienna Miller in Gucci


Wow. Miss Sienna decided to throw herself a party on the red carpet. Or she’s doing couture Frozen cosplay. Believe it or not, we think we like this. It’s just bizarre enough without tipping over too far; just whimsical enough without pissing us off. We’re anti-whimsy, what can we say? It’s 2017.

Anyway, the ironic thing about this dress is how much we wish she and Elle had switched. Sure, this looks pretty great on her, but each lady appears to be wearing a dress better suited for the other one.



[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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