Leven Rambin, Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan at “The Path” Season 2 Premiere

Posted on January 20, 2017

Leven Rambin, Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan attend the premiere of Hulu’s “The Path” Season 2 held at The Sundance Sunset Cinema in Los Angeles, California.


We know not one thing about this series, dolls. Here’s your chance to let us know what it’s all about. We, for our parts, will be using our god-given skills to judge their outfits, which struck us as somewhat notable.


This, for instance, is notable not only for the poor seaming, but the truly puzzling color. Like, who wants to look like a tube of bronzer? Also, that choke looks like it would be really irritating.



We wish he’d get his hands out of his pockets so we could assess the fit better, but then again, maybe the fit’s bad and he’s trying to disguise it by standing that way. Whatever the case, we like the color, but the shirt/tie combo looks like one of those packaged pairs you buy in department stores. Sorry to be bitches. It’s not bad, but there could’ve been a little more contrast and color.


Strangely, because we almost never like Michelle Monaghan’s style choices and almost never like white lace dresses, this is a bit appealing. The proportions are a little off in the shoulder area, making her look slopey when she’s not, but we don’t know… it avoids being too bridal or precious somehow. Not feeling those black pumps at all, though.



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