Jessica Chastain’s Prada for the Golden Globe Awards Makes us Feel Bad

Posted on January 09, 2017




We have now reached the “feeling guilty” portion of our awards show red carpet coverage. Why?



Because this is absolutely gorgeous and all we can see are the two things we don’t like. The curse of being professional red carpet bitches, you guys.

But how about this: we’ll be nice before we get to our bitching.



Because we truly love this dress. The color is amazing and the beading is absolutely beautiful.



Even better, it avoided all the major red carpet trends cliches of the last six months. It’s purely Prada, which means it’s purely it’s own thing. And it’s a good fit for her style.

Our complaints?




Well, that slicked-down hairstyle is starting to get SUPER old (although the braid is gorge) and the Grand Canyon-wide neckline is just about reaching the same point by now. We’re ready to see both style trends retired.



But she really does look gorgeous. Can’t hate. Just quibble a little.

Oh, we’re awful people.


Style Credits:
Prada Light Blue Embroidered Dress
Piaget Rose Necklace in 18-Carat White Gold and Set with 265 Brilliant-Cut Diamonds
Prada Shoes

[Photo Credit: Getty Images, Vince Flores/]

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