Chloë Sevigny, we love you but it may be time for a rethink

Posted on January 24, 2017

Chloë Sevigny attends the premiere of “Beatriz at Dinner” during the 2017 Sundance Film Festival held at the Eccles Center Theatre in Park City, Utah.

We feel like there needs to be a serious shoe intervention with her. Someone needs to step up.


We’ve been so focused on creative short stories every time some Sevigny red carpetry comes our way that we don’t think we noticed until recently how consistently bad her footwear choices are.


We get that it’s Sundance and she’s gonna need something sturdy, warm and protective on her feet, but this is so ill-conceived that it kind of comes off like a parody of the New Yorker who has no idea how to dress for any place but New York.



And while we tend to forgive her a lot if she’s making fun choices or (as she usually does) telling a story with her style, we simply can’t get behind a sleeveless shift with heavy black tights. That makes NO kind of sense.


Miss Chloe, we’ve loved all the stories you told over the years, but maybe it’s time to hire a stylist, hon. Think of him or her as a co-author or editor. You still get to tell your tales and play your characters, but someone else will have a little more input in the final costume design, yes?

[Photo Credit: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]

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