Asa Butterfield and Carla Gugino Did Not Dress Blandly for the NYC Screening of “The Space Between Us”

Posted on January 26, 2017

Well. We certainly can’t fault them for being boring.

Let’s start with him, because there’s a chance we can still save him.

He’s trying, we’ll give him that. Between this getup and the one he wore last week, it’s clear this guy wants to make a style impression. And for that, we salute him. But only for that, because his choices are a bit all over the place. There’s nothing we love more than a well-layered outfit and it’s something we both happen (*checks fingernails*) to be rather good at. But then we look at this kid and realize that it’s not a skill you’re born with. None of the items he’s wearing really play all that well with each other. Once again, he’s in competing stripes, which wouldn’t be so bad except they’re in the same color scheme.Then he tops that off with a differently patterned jacket/shirt – also in the same color scheme – and his entire top half winds up a confusing cacophony. Also, he’s wearing three shirts with three different necklines. And to put the cherry on top of this sunday, his pants don’t really go. Any one of the items he’s wearing could be spun off to make a decent outfit, but they’re all fighting with each other here.


To paraphrase Emily Blunt in The Devil Wears Prada (which is something you should do at least a couple times daily), That, we can’t even talk about right now. Once we start recommending edits, we can’t stop, until she’s standing there in an entirely different outfit, with an entirely different hairstyle.

It’s just … tacky-looking to us. The color’s not great, the cut and style looks a little retro (especially with the booms, which is a word we coined years ago for huge bangs and completely forgot about until just now) and the craft store crap around the neckline is making our eyelids twitch. Honey, you’re gonna need to scrap this one and start over.



Style Credits:
Genny Sleeveless Embellished Jumpsuit
Aurate New York Earrings
Sydney Eva Rings and Bracelets
Casadei Pumps

[Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

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