Annette Bening at the Palm Springs Film Festival: Lady, That’s Not Your Dress

Posted on January 03, 2017

First, we just watched her in 20th Century Women and she gives a beautifully nuanced performance; one that’s probably better than the material – although the film is fine.



This is a look that spurred quite a bit of discussion this morning.

No, really. Here’s the thing:



We really like her clear preference for simple, no-nonsense styling. It suits her both from a style perspective and from a personality one. She wants unfussy, unadorned style; minimal makeup, minimal jewelry, minimal hair-fussing. All good.



A glittered, shapeless sack of a dress? Not so good. We’re just not crazy about the yoke and sleeves, which look incredibly matronly to our eyes. And the shape of the dress doesn’t really work with the style of it, if that makes any sense.



You want some drapey, loose tunic gown, Annette? We’re all for it. Go with God. But you should be looking for breezy, New Agey, California hippy-dippy styles, to be honest. Not glittery Michael Kors gowns that don’t suit you. Lady, it’s just Not Your Dress. In fact, we’re not even sure you should be sporting gowns on red carpets at all. Get yourself a killer linen suit. Pack this up and ship it off to Helen Mirren, who would immediately have it fitted much better and slit to the hip, which his how God (and Michael Kors) intended it.



Style Credits:
Michael Kors Collection Navy Long-Sleeve Gown with Embellished Illusion Detail

[Photo Credit: Michael Kovac/Getty Images]

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