Zoey Deutch Gives it All She’s Got at the “Why Him?” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on December 19, 2016


Miss Girl has been poledancing like crazy lately. It seems every day we spot another set of pictures of her on the wires. For that reason alone, we figure it’s time to give her some T Lo spotlight time.

Take it away, Miss Zoey.









As you can see, she has opted for the old classic red carpet tactic of Not Fucking Around Here. It’s a well-traveled route, but one we don’t mind walking down once again if someone’s got something fun or interesting to show us. We love a good old-fashioned liquid gold gown in the screen goddess mode. Every starlet really should give it a shot at least once. But we can’t say this one’s setting us on fire. The shape’s awkward and the mismatched golds are eyelid-twitch-inducing. The head styling is flawless and the shoes are appropriately fierce, but we wish this was an actual gown instead of slightly mismatched separates.


Style Credits:
Balmain Ensemble Featuring a Chain Mesh Halter Top and Matching Draped Skirt from the Spring 2017 Collection
Christian Louboutin Follie Fishnet Pump

[Photo Credit: Mike Windle/Getty Images, IMAXTree]

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