Will Smith Works the New DadSuit at the “Collateral Beauty” European Premiere

Posted on December 16, 2016

We’re very much not loving the mustache and we have a few things we want to say about the tailoring, but from a style perspective …


He nailed it. Bravo, mister. We’re on record over and over again as two people who don’t really love the black dress shirt under a suit, but someone chose a perfect accompaniment with that tie, which also complements the suit. The stripe/paisley/plaid combo is a bit much and might have been mitigated if the tie was slightly less bright, but the brightness is what actually makes it such a good bit of punctuation for the look.

We’re seeing a blockier fit in menswear lately. It was inevitable that the pendulum would swing back after years of skinny suits being foisted on a public only half of whom (at best) can make them work. We maintain, however, that a more fitted look is more flattering to almost all men, just as the same thing is true for most women. This is slightly too large for our tastes, but it doesn’t cross the line into the mega-blocky men’s suits of the ’90s and early aughts. It’s interesting that the current trend seems to be wider cuts, but with the same high pants hem menswear has been pushing for the last half decade or so. We’re not sure it works in every instance (What style tend does, after all?), but it helps make the look feel a little fresher and more modern. It’ll be interesting to see if this particular cut (slightly blocky + high pant hem) trickles down into widespread retail popularity.


Style Credits:
Brioni Navy Checked Suit, Blue Cotton Shirt and Paisley Silk Tie
[Photo Credit: Photoshot/PacificCoastNews]

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