Salma Hayek is Fooled By the Rocks She’s Got at The 2016 Fashion Awards

Posted on December 06, 2016

Hey, how about that? Salma Hayek stepped out in a Gucci dress … and it wasn’t a style disaster!  Progress, kittens!








But to be honest, those sleeveruffle thingies aren’t our favorite thing in the world and the sparkly flower embellishments at the shoulders are pretty damn ticky-tacky. If you’re planning on wearing the Pinault-Hayek crown jewels (evidently), you really don’t need any extra sparkle on your dress.

In fact, a lot of her style choices here might have worked better if she’d avoided the diamonds completely. They don’t really go with the gown at all, nor does the hairstyle (which is a little juvenile) marry well with them. As impressive as they are, she’d have been better off ditching the rocks, choosing a sophisticated style for the hair, and letting the dress do most of the work.


Style Credits:
Gucci Metallic Floral Dress with Embellishments

[Photo Credit: Stuart C. Wilson, Getty Images]

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