Pop Style Opinionfest: Ladies with an Attitude

Posted on December 22, 2016


Darlings, due to the holidays and the need for the lovely techs at CBS radio to spend it not working, we had to record this podcast before the finale of Project Runway airs, which means we’re not covering it this week. The good news is that we’ll be recording a PR podcast as early as possible next week, hopefully on Monday, so hold off on your reactions until then.



The even more good news is that we got a screener of Natalie Portman’s Oscar bid, Jackie, which we spend quite a bit of time reviewing, from the cinematography to the acting to the costume design, music, and art direction. We dive deep, kittens. Why? Because we LOVED it. Can’t promise you it’s a spoiler-free review, but then again, how could it be?

After that, we do another deep dive; this time on our latest TV obsession, the Michelle Dockery-starring Good Behavior, which we’ve been urging y’all to start binge-watching.



But instead of simply gushing to you about it, we called up the show’s creator, executive producer and one of its lead writers, Chad Hodge, and gushed to him about it. But in between our gushing fits, we think we got in a couple of good questions about the genesis of the show, the reasons for casting Michelle Dockery, the joys of working with Michelle Dockery, the unusual directions the show is willing to go, the unexpected twists in the story, the amazing cast, the amazing costumes, the FLAMAZING sound track and other things we shower with superlatives. It’s a fun, insightful convo with a smart, funny guy who loves to talk about his baby.




Jump on in, kittens. The water’s warm and the opinions are fuh-LOWING.

That sounded dirty.


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