Olivia Munn, Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston have a red carpet 3-way at the “Office Christmas Party” NY Screening

Posted on December 06, 2016









Olivia’s all “You guys, why are you dressed like you’re at a funeral” and Jen’s all “I’ll take a black jumpsuit over a red carpet wedding gown any day of the week, bitch” and Jason’s all “Simmer down, girls. You’re getting me all hot and bothered,” and then Olivia AND Jen were all, like, “ew” and this concludes our little play.

Right to left, just for the hell of it:

Jen gets credit for the earrings, but that jumpsuit is in the style we like to call Aniston Generic, which is self-explanatory, we hope. We’re pretty sure she’s worn some version of this look about 60 thousand times in the past ten years. Give or take.

He’s as dull as a Secret Service agent.

As for Olivia, we wouldn’t have minded this dress except for the “here’s my boobs whoops wheres my crotch” aspect of it. We long for the day when the fashion and entertainment worlds rediscover dress linings, kittens.



[Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

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