Nicole Kidman at the Sydney “Lion” Premiere, Puzzling the Hell out of Us

Posted on December 19, 2016


(Usage Note: When T Lo write “Sigh,” it’s not because they’re literally sighing. It’s because they literally said “Sigh” out loud. They’re weird that way.)

This is so not how we wanted to kick off our Monday morning.






It’s like a 90-year-old woman’s bathroom decor mated with the hallway wallpaper of a four-star hotel and the result was this monstrosity. We don’t love the color for her (NICOLE: RUN FAR AWAY FROM PASTELS WHENEVER YOU ENCOUNTER THEM), but if we were forced at gunpoint to make changes to this look, we’d start by ripping off every last bit of ’80s prom baby-blue lace. Get rid of all that crap and you might have a decent dress.

Of course, said edits would do nothing to address the head-scratching shoe choice or the mildly horrifying hair style.

You know, we’re starting to become a little fascinated by her red carpetry after all these years. We can’t think of anyone who veers so wildly from looks perfectly suited to her to looks she shouldn’t be anywhere near. It’s almost like she’s got two different style teams working for; one that knows she does much better in dramatic, dark and glam looks, and one that insists she keep working a “pretty pastel princess” vibe long past its sell-by date. Which isn’t to say she’s too old to dress this way; just that her looks have changed over time and right now she looks much better going the Disney Witch route rather than the Disney Princess one.



Style Credits:
Erdem embroidered Long-Sleeve Dress with Lace Detailing from the Spring 2017 Collection

[Photo Credit:, IMAXTree]

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