Lorenzo’s Picks: Party Shoes, Darlings!

Posted on December 21, 2016



Darlings, haven’t you done enough shopping for other people? Isn’t it time to indulge in that grand old mid-December tradition of “ME, ME, ME!?” Especially with holiday parties to go to? Let Lorenzo show you his options for glittery, sparkly dancing shoes. Click your heels three times and say “Treat yourself!”


First stop on our party footwear tour:



As you can see, Lo opted for a strict “glitter and metallics” theme for this holiday party season. There are a few other glittery colors sprinkled throughout this list, but we found that if you want to do chic metallic or sparkly booties, gold, black and silver are the only options that didn’t look a little tacky.

As you can see, Lo opted to go for the widest range of styles he could find, from the clear-the-dancefloor Calvin Kleins, to the kickass Betsey Johnson to the rock-and-roll Topshop pair and the street-style Shelly’s London. They’re all fun and fabulous.

Next, shoes for those ladies who love their bones:




For the sensible gal who also likes to be fierce AF. The VANs are super-adorable. And you can’t really go wrong with a sparkly Kate Spade loafer at this time of year. The Tory Burch flats are so popular they’re passing into iconic status. And every one of the ASOS options are party-time fun.

Next option, for the gals who either live in warm weather or don’t mind a minor bout of hypothermia in the name of style:





New Year’s Eve on the beach! For the flat versions, that is. We wouldn’t recommend those killer BCBGs for walking on sand.

If you read us for any length of time, you might have picked up on one of our most common bits of advice: “A metallic sandal would’ve really dressed this up.” So long as you’re not in sub-freezing temps, we’d recommend any of the above as a solid, never-do-you-wrong way to jazz up a look.

And finally, the classic, can’t-go-wrong party shoe option:





Because who doesn’t love a glittery pump? Are those Miu Mius not adorable? Expensive, yes. But adorable. But there are plenty of affordable glitter shoes for you to choose from here. Lo’s faves, aside from the Miu Miu and the Saint Laurent (bien sur) are the teal D’orsay Steve Maddens, the pale pink Betsey Johnsons, the classic metallic Michael Kors, and those cute Carvela ankle strap kitten heels.

So, kittens. Feel like getting your Glinda on?


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