Lorenzo’s Picks: 100 Gifts for Under $10

Posted on December 01, 2016


Kittens, it’s gift-shopping season and your favorite bitchy personal shopper Lorenzo is rarin’ to go with all kinds of finds for you. But we know from our extensive gift-buying experience that one of the most troublesome types of gifts to buy are those small ones used to fill stockings or to fulfill a gift exchange or to hand to host or teacher or service worker out of gratitude. These little gifts can range from simple housewares to highly personal body care gifts to joke or gag gifts. And in our experience, you always wind up at the last minute, frantically searching for something – ANYTHING – to wrap up and hand off. Don’t let poor planning prevent you from giving fabulous, memorable gifts this year, darlings. Let Lorenzo help. It’s what he lives for.

Shopping, not helping, that is. Anyway, let’s start with the basics; the kinds of things you’ll buy your kid’s teacher or the co-worker whose name you picked out of a hat or maybe a young family member just starting out with their first apartment. It’s GIFTS FOR THE HOME, and Lo went to town:


Can you ever really go wrong with candles and cute dishtowels, darlings? Lo picked out some really cute options for both. The votive holders from CB2 and West Elm are chic and look more expensive than they are. The Wonder Woman mug is TO DIE. The little bird tealight holder from CB2 is adorable! And we cannot even with the little S&P truck-and-tree set from Pier One. But the “Han Solo frozen in carbonite” ice cube tray is where Lo really earned his keep. That’s a killer.

Next up, gifts for people that you’re close enough to suggest soap to! PERSONAL GIFTS:



WHO DOES NOT WANT THAT LITTLE BITCHY KITTY FACE CHANGE PURSE? Come on now. And sure, soaps and lotions can be kind of standard, but Lo looked high and … well, low to find fabulous and unique sample of both. And you can’t go wrong with a classic monogrammed mug or ornament. Also: the classic tube sock.

And finally, the best gifts of all, the FUN GIFTS:


Star Wars socks! An inflatable crown! A glass unicorn – for no good reason! An otter that makes your tea! Harmonicas! iPhone fans! Wonder Woman playing cards! Drinking games! Novelty marshmallows! Cute wood creatures! Tetris fridge magnets! Harry Potter hair bows! SANTA LORENZO CAME THROUGH FOR YOU!

Don’t forget to check out our gift-buying guide for kids, as well as all the personal shopping posts to find all your gift-giving decisions made for you. And check back for more, because we’re just getting started, darlings!



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