Jennifer Lawrence Steps Out in NYC, Dolled Up and Unhappy About it

Posted on December 07, 2016

We’ve been saying for a while that the Pratt/Lawrence poledance for Passengers had the whiff of desperation about it and we can’t think of anything that might confirm that hypothesis better than these shots.








Girlfriend does NOT appear happy at the prospect of more poledancing and she doesn’t look remotely comfortable in that getup, which doesn’t really look like her at all.

We wouldn’t say any of the pieces here are bad. Love the jacket. The dress looks cute enough. We go back and forth on the shoes: fabulously different or impractical and annoying? You make the call. Either way, we think all three of the pieces in the above outfit would’ve been better off with other pieces. That dress can’t breathe under that focus-pulling jacket and those shoes belong with a slightly more dressy or night-time look.

It is hilarious how much – and how openly – she hates the whole sidewalk sashay thing. We kind of love her for it, although we know we should be harrumphing at her for it.


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