Felicity Jones Goes Full-On “Robot Girl” for the “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” Tokyo Premiere

Posted on December 09, 2016


LOVE this:






And maybe that surprises you, because we haven’t expressed a lot of love in the past year either for Louis Vuitton Gucci designs or for the trend toward wildly over-embellished dresses. But we’ve long espoused the idea of “genre dressing” for a movie premiere; which is the practice of wearing something that tips its hat to the type of film you’re promoting without coming off like you’re wearing a costume for it. For big-budget sci-fi extravaganzas, that means breaking out the metallic dresses and doing the red carpet equivalent of The Robot.

This would probably not receive a lot of praise from us in a different situation and on a different wearer. But Felicity really comes alive when you put her in slightly weird fashion, so this really works for her. And as we noted, it’s entirely appropriate for the premiere of a Star Wars film in Tokyo, where the crowds are much more primed for weird or cartoon-y fashion than they are in Europe or the U.S., both of which demand a more stately and conventionally stylish approach to movie premieres.

We don’t expect a ton of agreement on this one, but it’s fun and it’s a living example of the Prime T Lo Style Maxim: It’s all about the right garment on the right person at the right event. In that sense, girlfriend is crushing it.


Style Credits:
Silver Embellished Dress from the Gucci Resort 2017 Collection
Christian Dior Fine Jewelry

[Photo Credit: Kento Nara/Future Image/Action Press/INSTARimages.com, vogue.com]

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