Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling Shine Themselves Up for the “La La Land” LA Premiere

Posted on December 07, 2016


It’s always nice when pretty people find themselves on the awards track, isn’t it, darlings? Not because pretty people have it so hard and deserve a little bit of long-denied support, but because we get to look at them all prettied up as they poledance for their very lives.

That’s your cue, Emma and Ryan.










Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

She managed to snag a Prada dress that looks like a Prada dress but also happens to be fairly simple, pretty and wearable. That’s not a slam against Prada. It’s just that the aesthetic of that house isn’t always conducive for red carpetry. You need to be a Prada gal to work a Prada. Emma fits the bill perfectly. She’s a walking big-eyed waif painting from the ’70s, which makes her perfect for the brand’s girly, slightly awkward Marcia Brady style. We don’t love the shoes or the hem length (and we must have written that exact phrase about ten thousand times this year alone), but the color looks amazing on her and it would appear she has an ability to work a lot of sparkle trim without getting overwhelmed.

From a style perspective, he’s a little dull. From a he-can-get-it perspective, he’s doing just fine.


Style Credits:
Prada Blue Embellished Dress
Monique Péan Jewelry
Jimmy Choo Sandals

[Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

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