Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence Have Hit “Tryhard” status at the “Passengers” Berlin Photocall

Posted on December 02, 2016


Ooof. This is almost painful to look at:









They’ve been doing fairly well on the limited poledance tour for this film – style-wise, that is – but we started to wonder if the film had a bit of a stink to it that they were both trying to cover up with some uncharacteristically polished red carpetry.

With this one look, she has careened head-on into “PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO MY NEW MOVIE YOU GUYS” in a way J Law never had to before. It’s a little alarming, to be honest.

As for The Man in Black (With The Yellow Face), people keep asking how we can tell he’s wearing makeup at all when we call him out for his badly applied slap, and the answer’s staring you right in the face, pun intended. His face is yellow. His hands are not. But the main indicator is that super-matte, superhumanly even-toned quality to his face that you can only really get in a candid picture situation by the use of some sort of foundation or powder. Or by being under 16, if you’re a lucky under-16er. Adults of any coloring are unevenly colored. Ask any portrait painter. We have no issue at all with him wearing makeup for public appearances. Most male stars do and the ones who don’t probably should. But guy makeup has to look clean and natural. Its only real purpose (if we’re not talking about drag or genderqueer expression) is to even out inconsistencies in photographs and to tone down shine or sweat. When it’s over-applied or not quite the right match, it can give a white guy that ghostly look, like their face is floating an inch or two in front of their head.

Anyway, boy does this movie smell or what?



Style Credits:
Dolce&Gabbana Black and White Polkadot Ensemble from the Spring 2016 Collection

[Photo Credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images, IMAXTree]

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