Retail Therapy: Lorenzo’s Picks for Lady Cardigans

Posted on December 20, 2016


Kittens! It’s the most wonderful time of the year: SWEATER WEATHER! But we should be more accurate, both for the kittens who don’t live in cold-weather areas and the real reason the front-closing sweater remains such a perennial favorite: it’s LAYERING SEASON. And while we don’t generally like to impose style rules on real people, it’s kind of a given that if you’ve got a good layering game, you can conquer the rest of style quite easily. Like accessorizing, it’s one of the primary style skills you can cultivate in order to become fashion-proficient.

Fortunately, half the game of layering is about picking the right layers for yourself, and the top layer of the top half of your ensemble (not counting your outerwear), is the piece that’s going to make the most impact. Getchaself a good cardigan and you can’t go wrong, especially since it’s one of the more versatile items out there. It can be comfy-frumpy, classically chic, party-ready, edgy, girly, and even a little punk if you want it to be. There are as many different types of cardigans out there as there are types of women to wear them. But in order to not overwhelm you with choices, Lorenzo opted to simply divide them up into their two most basic forms. Shall we go shopping together, darlings? Grab your purse and let’s get to it.

First up, The classic COZY CARDIGAN:






As you can see, plenty of the above looks would be perfectly party-ready, depending on the styling – and the party, of course. But Lorenzo figured that if you really boil the cardi down to its essence, there are two kinds; the kind you want to curl up and read a book in and the kind you want to pair with heels and a cute party outfit. Generally speaking, most of the above tends to fall into the wineglass-on-the-couch category, but we’d never claim you couldn’t wear any one of them to a  party. Lorenzo’s faves: All of the ModCloth options, the JWLAs, the L.L. Bean (can’t go wrong with that), and the Michael Kors options.

Next up, the PARTY CARDI:



Yes, some of them are no different from the cozy cardis in the collection above this one, which once again goes to prove how arbitrary a lot of fashion is,but Lorenzo saw most of the above as a good starting point for a killer night-out look. Lorenzo’s faves: The ModCloth options, once again. Also: the Moschino (of course), the purple Brooks Brothers, and any of the sequined options, because you really can’t get that one wrong if you use it as a starting point for a party look. Even a pair of faded jeans would work with those. Also: the City Chic is adorable and the Calvin Klein is elegant.
So, kittens, feel like wrapping yourself up in something cozy and/or fabulous?


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