Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Grimly Bear the “Passengers” LA Premiere Red Carpet

Posted on December 15, 2016


While it’s true that the red carpet is a branding and PR exercise, we still think the ones who ace it are the ones who manage to find an image and style that they can be comfortable with because it speaks to them or reflects them on some level. This, we think, is what’s missing from Chris Pratt’s poledancing style. And that strikes us as a bad mistake to make when you’re talking about such a charming performer with such a big personality. It should be reflected in what he wears and how he presents himself when he’s selling his latest project.










Chris’s style team settled on exactly one brief: tight suits. It’s a bit dull over time and it never really feels true to him. He’s not a tight suit kind of guy. We are not suggesting his suits shouldn’t be fitted well, but his poledance attire is always a bit more than just fitted. It’s the male version of body-con. And sure, he’s got the bod for it, but we think we’d rather see him styled in something that he clearly loves to be wearing. He walks around like a ringbearer in a wedding party when he’s dressed like this, which is ironic, because we wouldn’t exactly call tight pants and a too-small jacket an outfit that called for a formal approach. And they’re still putting a little too much of whatever on his face. He’s both ghostly and slightly yellow at the same time. It only helps contribute to the feeling that he’s been shoved into a presentation that makes him slightly uncomfortable.

Our take? Maybe he’s not a cowboy, but we imagine, given his jeans-and-boots street style, that he’d be more comfortable in western-style fashion in the Ralph Lauren mode rather than city slicker suits in the Tom Ford mode. Tweeds, denims, suede and leather is what he should be wearing.

She doesn’t seem particularly sure about her dress and we’re right there with her. It’s like it’s trying real hard to be something but the attempt only points out its limitations, if that makes any sense. In other words, it’s another lace dress with varying levels of sheerness and a super-tricky neckline. There’s a clear attempt to jazz up this basic design, but it just looks overthought to us, rather than reinterpreted.


Style Credits:
Reem Acra Embellished Lace Dress from the Fall 2016 Collection
Dolce&Gabbana Three-Piece Suit

[Photo Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images, Vince Flores/, IMAXTree]

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