Translating the Trends for Fall 2016: The Puffer Jacket

Posted on November 04, 2016


You would not believe the behind-the-scenes T Lo marriage drama that went down with this post. It is literally a post a month in the making. And you wouldn’t think a topic as mundane as this one would have spurred on so much drama, but that’s probably because you’re not one half of a gay-married fashion blogging couple.

And said topic would be?

Acne | Alexander McQueen | Astrid Anderson | Balenciaga
Burberry | Calvin Klein | Carven | Chanel
Coach | Courrèges | Dior Hommer | DKNY


Emilio Pucci | Marc Jacobs | Marques Almeida | Moschino
MSGM | Raf Simons | Ralph Lauren Purple Label | Rick Owens
Sacai | Sonia Rykiel | Stella McCartney | Tory Burch


The puffy jacket, of course. It’s super-hot again on the runways, and the fashion world being the fashion world, they had to be pretentious about it and insist on calling them “puffer” jackets, which sounds like they were made out of a fish.

Anyway, why would a topic like this be the cause of so much tsuris and agita, you ask? Because we were taking the “Translating the Trends” posts away from their very successful format of mostly focusing on accessories, which are a lot more fun and exciting to shop for and write about. We knew all along we’d be transitioning into more garments and clothing for these personal shopping posts, but were unsure of how to package them. Should we put together entire outfits? Match accessories to jacket and then suggest what kinds of jeans or pants or skirt to wear? Yeah, we guess so. We’re not ruling it out as an approach going forward, but it never seemed to work when talking about this particular trend.

And then a pair of lightbulbs dimly flickered over each of our heads and we realized, if you want to showcase some great stylish deals on puffy puffer jackets, just frickin go out there, pick the very best ones you can find, and show them off. People don’t need to be told what to wear them with, they just want to find where the good ones are, right?

Well, Lorenzo’s a man for whom shopping is a religion. Once you set him a basic task like “Find the most stylish puffers you can,” you’ll wind up with about 400 suggestions. After a massive whittling down, and based on what types of puffer jackets we’re seeing on the runways, and on various celebrities at the moment, this is what we came up. We divided them up by jackets, vests and coats, depending on which appeals to you most. There are some chic and stylish options in all three types.

First floor, the easy one: JACKETS.

As you can see, we mixed the men’s and ladies stuff all together. Partially for the boys in the readership of course, but also because we can’t imagine some women wouldn’t want to check out some of the boy options. Not everyone wants to wear a super-fitted jacket, so the puffier blockier styles of some of the men’s might be appealing, not to mention the sportier stuff. Among the lady options, all of the Michael Kors stuff just sings to us, but we love that giant pink option from TopShop too. Also, the fitted Nautica versions are pretty sporty chic. Most of these styles come in a wide range of colors, so if you’re not seeing your favorite or even a color you like, clicking through might reveal it to you. Loving the silver TopShop too, as well as the Joe Fresh puffy blazer, which is not something you see every day.

For the guys, we are drooling over the Lacoste, which strikes us as pretty much the perfect puffer. Also loving the contrasting green and blue of the Mountain Hardwear jacket. That wine-colored Calvin Klein is jumping out at us too, as is almost all the Michael Kors options. Seriously. That man can design a puffy.

Next floor, the more versatile option: VESTS.

The silver Calvin Klein for women is super-stylish and could actually dress up a look if you styled it right. Same goes for the gold Calvin for women and the white Calvin for men, which is downright chic. But the real standout is the Ralph Lauren, which is more of a puffy drape than a puffy vest. Kinda love that. The orange Tommy Hilfiger for men is sharp, as is the blue and white Tommy for women.

Next floor: the more “formal” puffy option: COATS.

Now, we’ll grant you that some of this stretches the definition of “coat,” especially the Zac Posen options. But Zac actually calls those things “coats,” and we took that as a leaping off point for a more formal style of puffer, regardless of the length. Loving the Catharine Malandrino, which is almost like a puffer trench coat. The aforementioned Zac Posens are, we have to admit, some very chic puffers. The Rachel Roy black option with the cable knit hoodie is stylish and a little different. LOVING the blue belted Michael Kors. The Vince Camutos have a ’70s Soviet spy feel that could be a lot of fun to style and the Ralph Lauren is downright elegant.

So, cold-weather kittens, is your outerwear in need of an update or is there someone on your shopping list who’s dying to go puffy? What looks good here to you? And remember, if you need scarves, gloves, hats or bags to go with your puffer, check out all the Translating the Trends posts.


Standard disclaimer: All of the above are clickable links that will take you to online retailers who give us a commission based on any sales we send their way, because we find money to be somewhat useful in our day-to-day lives. Please note that the sale runs for these items can be brief and some of the links may either take you to an item that’s no longer available or no longer available at the sales price. You gotta be quick, kittens! 

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