Thanksgiving 2016 Open Thread

Posted on November 23, 2016

Behold, the gayest pumpkin we could find.



Believe it or not, the above picture represents over an hour of research to find an accessory that was both Thanksgiving-themed and also ridiculously glittery and fabulous. Tom’s brief to Lorenzo: “Just find the kind of purse RuPaul would carry if she was going to a drag Thanksgiving.”

You wouldn’t believe the artsy-craftsy stuff that pops up when you google “turkey purse.”

Anyway, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and the stars have all crawled into their hidey-holes to prepare for the carb-loading to come. We took one look at the piss-poor red carpet offerings this morning and decided we’d rather just let the kittens take kontrol for the day than put up some half-assed posts. Feel free to chat about whatever you want, darlings, but try and observe the spirit of the holiday by not fighting, mkay? We’ll be back through the weekend with more “The Crown Style,” Lorenzo’s Picks for Holiday Gift Lists, bitchy comments about whatever the celebrities wore in the Macy’s parade, and probably a whole lot of Britlebrities because you can always count on them for attention-whoring when the American stars are off stuffing their faces.

Happy Thanksgiving, Kittens!



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