Taylor Swift Shows off her Country Roots at the CMA Awards

Posted on November 03, 2016

Just a simple country girl at heart, standing here, asking to be loved.







Bitchery aside, there really is no standard “country music look” anymore. That is a thing that has always made us a little sad, ever since we started covering country music awards show red carpets years ago. We can understand why maybe the big floofy wedding cake gowns of Loretta Lynn, or the Cowgirl Drag of Patsy Cline, or even the Small-Town Floozy Chic of Dolly Parton might not be a thing that modern country music stars want to embrace. But it still seems a shame to us that they haven’t really found a replacement. Most country music awards red carpets are a sea of standard glittery, sheer red carpet gowns, sad to say.

Which is a long way of noting that despite our bitchy opening, she’s really not out of place here. Although that doesn’t mean we like the dress. We can’t figure out if her torso is too long or not long enough, but either way, the proportions don’t work on her the way they do on the model in the runway shot. And it’s kinda just plain tacky all around. Not one of her better looks. Cher in her heyday could’ve worked the shit out of this, but Taylor Swift, while she may be many things, is damn sure no Cher.



Style Credits:
Julien MacDonald Embroidered Animal Stripe Halter Dress with Cutouts from the Spring 2017 Collection
Irit Design Earrings
Maxior, Borgioni and Gilan Rings
Stuart Weitzman Sandals

[Photo Credit: ABC/Image Group LA, Rick Diamond/Getty Images, Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images, IMAXTree]

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