Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Commence Public Canoodling in LA

Posted on November 30, 2016

Having officially unveiled their apparent burgeoning romance, these two kids are free to move on to that most cherished and longstanding of celebrity couple rituals: the Canoodle.








And we have to say, Bravo & Brava to each of you. We’d almost swear you’re following the “Canoodling” chapter of our book almost exactly. A respectful and highly staged distance between the two of you, so as to tantalize the paps into thousands of pics, in the hopes they’ll catch you two possibly making skin-to-skin contact? Check. Matching outfits? Check. A wholly unconvincing attempt on both their parts to pretend that they don’t see the paparazzi and/or that they are deeply annoyed by their presence? Check and check. Young stars, there’s a lesson here. Buy our book if you want to scale the fame ladder. The T Lo Principles of Fame (which is a thing we just made up) will guide you to major awards and boffo box office. Possibly.

Anyway, we’re whores and they look cute. They might want to tone down the matching outfit thing just a skosh, though.



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