Sebastian Stan Puts the Effort in at the “Doctor Strange” New York Screening

Posted on November 02, 2016


Looks like Sebastian drew the short stick in the Avengers breakroom and had to do the company man thing by showing up for this.





And can we say? While we’re resisting the urge to reach out in a futile attempt to correct a few things here, we’re damn impressed by how put-together he is for a project he’s not even in. He looks stylish AND he looks hot. Nicely done.

And really, there’s not much here we’d change. Our first impulse was to suggest a shave, but he’s rocking the look. The patterned of the suit isn’t our favorite thing in the world and we wouldn’t pair a shiny purple tie with a matte purple shirt (because it’s not 2003), but the bottom line is this: He’s not dressed like a financial manager, he looks hot, and his outfit is interesting and polished. We’re pretty much paid to quibble about the details, but the overall look is just fine.


[Photo Credit: J. Kempin/Getty Images]

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