Retail Therapy: Lorenzo’s Picks for Men’s Bomber Jackets

Posted on November 14, 2016



Now, boys. Did you think we’d forgotten your needs during these trying times? As we told your sisters the other day, trying times call for self-care, which your personal shopper Lorenzo has always defined as “shopping.” And while he loves helping the ladies find stylish deals, he goes wild-eyed with excitement when you give him the task of shopping for the men.

Since the weather’s getting cold for a lot of kittens around the country right now, we thought a good number of you might be in the market for one of the hottest runway trends of the season, the Bomber jacket.

[Insert commentary here from bemused kittens who will note that this item never really went out of style, followed by acknowledgement from T Lo that they are correct, along with an explanation that the runway and retail worlds are often very different from each other in terms of popularity and a note that “hottest runway trend of the season” is really only a selling point to stylish kittens who like to stay up on these sorts of things, of which there are many.]

Now, let’s go shopping, boys. And girls, for that matter, although you should be aware there’s a lady bomber post in the pipeline.

First stop in our imaginary Bomber Jacket boutique? The CLASSIC section:

We should note here that the retail and fashion term “bomber” is often, like so many retail/fashion terms, very widely interpreted. For the classics, we tried to stay as close as possible to the shape and style of the actual bomber pilot jackets worn in the World Wars; a short, broad-shouldered, roomy-sleeved jacket in leather or nylon, with ribbed cuffs and waist and a short to practically non-existent collar. Even so, we had a hard time deciding whether things like that gorgeous Polo with the shearling collar was a classic style or not. And does a hood make a bomber jacket less a bomber jacket? We can’t ponder these imponderables, boys. We just know that the above, to us, capture the spirit of the original bomber. Lo’s faves: The Polo with the shearling collar, the light gray Nautica, the DSquared2 (of course), and the basic black leather Calvin Klein, which will never go out of style.

Next stop: the SPORTY section:

Again, the distinctions being made here among styles are a bit slight and vague. Much of the above could reasonably be called a “classic” bomber, but we separated these guys out for having a slightly fresher, more fashionable feel than the basic nylons and leathers of the previous section. These options are slightly more stylish, as far as we’re concerned. Lorenzo loves the two-toned Kenneth Cole, the CK “baseball bomber” with the striped ribbing, the Polo knit bomber, and the Paul Smith, which is called a “classic bomber,” but Lo felt it had a bit more of a high-fashion feel to it.

And finally, the FUN Bomber section:

We tend to think this one’s fairly self-explanatory. Lo LOVES the Guess pink satin one. Go on. Be man enough to wear a pink satin jacket. You know you want to. Lorenzo also loves the white Hugo Boss, the yellow Stussy, the varsity-style Diesel and the velvet Topman, for a luxe touch.

So boys and girls, see anything you like? Feel like getting bombed this winter?


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