Pop Style Opinionfest: Good Behavior, Lukewarm Horror and Questionable Fashion

Posted on November 18, 2016


Hey, remember the other day when we featured Michelle Dockery and asked if anyone had seen her new show because we’d missed it? Well, we finally caught up with the first two episodes…


And we LOVE it. We spend a good portion of the podcast just running down the reasons why and responding to the review of the show by one of our fave critics, Sonia Saraiya of Variety, who raised some very good points about consistency and character motivation, but whose take on the casting of Michelle Dockery differs somewhat from our own. There are some spoilers about the setup of the show – mainly the first 30 minutes of the first episode – but we keep things vague about what happens after that and what the actual direction of the show appears to be. Dockery is very good (even if the character is a bit contradictory and her accent a bit strained) and it’s hard to pull your eyes away from her long enough to notice anyone else – except for her gorgeous co-star, super-dreamboat-with-a-romance-novel-name, Juan Diego Botto. Anyway, it’s all T Lo recommended. Check it out.

Only mildly T Lo recommended is this season of American Horror Story: Roanoke, which just wrapped. Tom gives his thoughts on what turned out to be both the most coherent and cohesive season of AHS, but also probably – and not coincidentally – its most boring.

Then we turn to the world of fashion, running down the results of last night’s Project Runway “helicopter challenge” and doing a Style Profile on poor, dull, gorgeous Amy Adams, who needs a real jolt to her approach, especially if she’s gunning for an Oscar.



























So there it is, kittens. An hour-plus of pure shallowness from your favorite two shallow queens. Enjoy, dolls. And thanks once again.


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