Pop Style Opinionfest: Rating the Costumes and Ripping the Collections

Posted on November 04, 2016


You know us, darlings. You pour a pot of coffee into us, put a couple of microphones in front of us, and get us going, and the next thing you know we’re spewing opinions like a dragon spews fire.

Anyway, we went off and dove deep on the growing spectacle of the celebrity Halloween costumes, from Heidi’s disappointment to Katy’s head-scratcher to Colton’s impressive weirdness (and you might want to brace yourself before you scroll down)….




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Yeah. Anyway, we rate them all. Why? Honey, we don’t call it the Opinionfest for nothing.

Then we took the whole “costume” thing in another direction and waxed rhapsodic over the fabulous costume design on the backs of the ladies of Ocean’s Eight.

And of course, we have plenty to say about last night’s PR, from the drama and bitchiness to the admirably well-rendered results, we’ve got something to say about ALL OF IT.




TEAM RED: Cornelius, Dexter, Erin



TEAM NEUTRAL: Nathalia, Jenni, Maj-Jing



TEAM BLUE: Roberi, Rik, Laurence






That’s us, kittens. Just a couple of fabulously bitchy dragons with plenty to say about frivolous things. Come and join us, won’t you?


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