Lily Collins Serves up Killer Face on the Way Into “The Today Show”

Posted on November 16, 2016


Give it up for the lady. At a time of day when most of us are nowhere near our prettiest, Miss Lily is a blast of dewy perfection.







Her dress is kind of* assy, but the face is pure art. Nice coat, too. She’s got a face for all kinds of retro looks, but there’s no denying she’s usually at her best when her style is pulling from the mid-1960s. That’s her look, both in hair and makeup and in style choices. She’s lacking in the latter here but the view from the neck up almost makes up for it.


* Ha. We said “kind of.” A little joke. There is no “kind of” about it. Make no mistake, this dress is full-on assy.


Style Credits:
Mary Katrantzou Printed Dress with Chain Detailing from the Resort 2017 Collection


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