How Lady Gaga’s “Joanne” Poledance Style Showcases Her Evolution as an Artist

Posted on November 02, 2016

Lady Gaga promotes her new album “Joanne” at the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo.

We’ve been watching Steffi’s style – from semi-private to stagewear – for many years now. We’ve got a pretty good handle on the broad strokes of her evolution – and there has been one. A very definable one, in fact. We find some of what she’s currently doing on that front to be as tiresome as ever, but there’s a clear maturity and focus in her approach now.



First, the dress is silly, of course. Second, in typical Gaga fashion, her styling choices are utterly baffling. There’s no way a pink realtor blazer makes any sense over a showgirl dress. And silver pumps are an almost lazy choice. Third, the insistence on remaining in costume as her album cover photo at all times (i.e., the ever-present pink stetson) strikes us as a bit odd. Fourth, the pinks don’t match and that is a thing that is terrible. In someways, she’s still as haphazard in her public style as she ever was.



But for Steffi, all public style is stagewear of a sort, so we can only take the criticisms about shoe choices and color choices so far before they don’t really make sense. What’s more notable about this poledance over past ones is how focused it is. The pink theme and cowboy hat might be a little too religiously applied, but we’re impressed by how much she’s stuck to it.



And it may sound shallow of us to notice it, but she no longer wears cheap, street-level wear like she used to. There’s a concerted effort to keep her looking upscale and chic in her own way. This isn’t freaky little art school Gaga pitching to her Little Monsters so much as it’s High Art Diva Gaga pitching to a much larger upscale audience and gunning for awards.



It’s crazy to say it while she’s standing there in an utterly ridiculous silver car wash skirt, but she’s maturing significantly and it shows.


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