Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are Comfortably Put Together at the “Passengers” Madrid Photocall

Posted on November 30, 2016


They’re definitely bringing their style A game (such as it is) to this poledance.











Neither of them are what we’d call fashion-conscious people. She has more pressure on her to look good so she’s picked up the basics of style (like a lot of women), but she’s not someone who truly loves fashion or has a facility with it. And he’s a typical straight guy in the sense that he puts in just as much effort as he can get away with but usually doesn’t show up underdressed or too sloppy. They’re kind of mirror images of each other in that respect. Two likable, good-looking movie stars who aren’t very good at sucking in their cheeks and giving Blue Steel to the cameras when asked to.

This is all a very kindly way of leading into our main point, which is that neither of them are exactly setting the lens on fire with their fabulous and fierce fashion choices, but they both look good and you can tell they both feel comfortable.

But whoever preps him for these things has got to tone down whatever they’re applying to his face. He’s got that ghostly look that makes it seem like his features are floating about an inch or two in front of his head. Her makeup, on the other hand, looks great.


[Photo Credit: Alter Photos/PacificCoastNews]

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