Heidi Klum Unveils her Costume at her 17th Annual Halloween Party And It is…

Posted on November 01, 2016










Lame as hell. The big-money, celebrity version of a sexy nurse costume.

Oh, Heidi. How could you? You are the celebrity Queen of Halloween. Your elaborate and occasionally grotesque costumes are legendary. This? This isn’t even a costume! You just grabbed five women and slapped a bunch of unconvincing prosthetics on them too make them all look like waterlogged photographs of Heidi Klum rather than clones of Heidi Klum! Did you pay these poor girls? Because we can’t imagine any friend in the world agreeing to dress up like YOU so that you don’t have to actually do any dressing up yourself. And the worst part is, if any one of these ladies wandered more than five feet away from you, NO ONE WOULD HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT SHE’S SUPPOSED TO BE. That’s the mark of a bad costume, as far as we’re concerned.

Harrumph. Yes, we’re cranky. This is a letdown. And if you think we’re being harsh, remember that this “costume” probably cost about the same as a luxury car.

LAME. When Katy Perry’s crappy Hillary costume looks like there was more effort put into it than yours? You have failed Halloween this year, Heidi Klum.


[Photo Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]

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