Eddie Redmayne Snaps Out of it In Time for the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” UK Premiere

Posted on November 16, 2016

We like to think that Eddie lives in fear of our sharp tongues and diamond-hard claws.  For instance we look at this getup:






And we are struck by the fact that it is not a ridiculously tiny plaid Pee-Wee suit. That he is not acting all goofy and gurning like his life depended on it. Sure, he’s still leaning to one side like he’s standing on incline, but that was always the least annoying of his affectations. The point is, all the things that tend to annoy us most about his public appearances (all of which we’ve been quite happy to discuss with you all whenever we’ve had the chance lately) isn’t really on display here. This, to us, is the male star equivalent of Lena Dunham standing up straight while wearing a well-fitted dress. We feel our work here, the hard, drudgery of being bitches in the name of fabulosity, is largely done. Good on ya, Eddie. Love your suit.


Style Credits:
Gucci Blue Printed Suit from the Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

[Photo Credit: FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES]

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