Dominic West and Sienna Miller Celebrate “The Tale of Thomas Burberry” in New York

Posted on November 17, 2016

Dominic West and Sienna Miller attend the celebration of “The Tale of Thomas Burberry”’ at Burberry Soho in New York City.




Our first, bitchy thought: “These two seem awfully pleased with themselves.”

Our second, bitchy thought:


“Then again, we’d probably be smug too if we co-starred in the world’s most expensive fashion ad.”

Then after that we just had a whole stream-of-consciousness string of bitchy thoughts having to do with how embarrassed we are for all the actors in the above, followed by a reversal when we consider how much money and free Burberry they probably all got out of it, to wondering why Dominic West looks amazingly hot on film but decidedly … less so in pictures, or how any of those actors managed to work up an emotion based on no script and very little story, and how the title sounds more like a children’s book than the overly serious coat commercial it actually is.

And then we had to begrudgingly admit that it is gorgeous to look at even if it is this weird 3-minute Oscar-bait biopic with all the verbs taken out of it.

With that out of the way, let’s judge outfits. To be honest, his doesn’t merit a second glance. You get all the free Burberry in the world and you pick the most generic suit imaginable.” Tsk” and “Feh” to that.

As for Goldie McDoily:



The basic dress is fine, but those arm placemats are horrendous.



Style Credits:
Burberry Lace Cold-Shoulder Dress

[Photo Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images]

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