Tilda Swinton finally gets strange for the “Doctor Strange” Berlin Screening

Posted on October 27, 2016

Tilda Swinton attends a screening of “Doctor Strange” at Zoo Palast in Berlin, Germany.


Oh, thank God. We were starting to get worried. Sure, that Schiaparelli suit was nice and a little weird, but so far, Miss Lady has not been living up to the expectations found in the phrase “Tilda Swinton at the Doctor Strange premiere.”

But she’s got her head on right again, because this is the Tilda the world wants to see:







Or maybe it’s just the Tilda we want to see. Drag Hamilton Tilda.

Whatever the case, she looks fabulously weird and we love her for wearing items no one else would ever choose to wear on a red carpet, let alone on such a mainstream one.

If we have any critique, it’s that the cream pants don’t really marry well with the light blue silk. Truth be told, we’re not even sure that cut of pant works with that coat, but a skinny pant probably would’ve taken this straight to costume.


Style Credits:
Maison Margiela Ensemble Featuring a Pale Blue Silk Jacket and Cream Trousers

[Photo Credit: Matthias Nareyek/Getty Images]

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